What Zestra® Can Do for You

Topically applied Zestra enables women to feel deep pleasurable sensations effortlessly — the Zestra Rush. Zestra’s patented blend of botanical oils and extracts is a scientific breakthrough in women’s sexual satisfaction.Female Sexual Enhancement Products

Zestra has been established — in two clinical trials — to increase a woman’s feelings of desire and arousal. These clinical trials documented Zestra’s effectiveness for a wide array of women…women perhaps just like you. Our clinical studies* included:

* Clinical studies of women both with and without these conditions found Zestra effective at enhancing sexual arousal, desire and satisfaction.

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What Women Want to Know About Zestra

Zestra is safe, hormone-free, has no known drug interactions, and works in minutes. After applying Zestra to the clitoris and labia, the effects — the Zestra Rush™ — begin within three to five minutes, peak at 10 minutes, and last for up to 45 minutes.

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