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Women are Talking…and Loving Zestra!!!!!!


Posted 12:38 pm, December 6th, 2009

by Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary W. Jaensch

Every day, we hear new and interesting tidbits from women and health care professionals.  Women share their experiences and describe to us how Zestra has transformed their lives.  They call, they write, send smoke signals, stop us at the gym and on the street.  Some of their stories are serious, some are funny, and some have never been shared before.  Yesterday, a women told us  that before she found Zestra, she used to tell her husband that she needed “pelvic rest”.  Since discovering Zestra, she has thrown that excuse out the window and says with a huge smile, “No more pelvic rest for me!”

In an article from, where more than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers from Mayo Clinic share their expertise, we recently saw a review they did of products and solutions to help women have  orgasms.  According to the article, “herbal lubricants, such as Zestra, may help some women. These products help warm the clitoris and may increase sexual arousal and orgasm.”

The word is out.  The conversation is underway.

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Posted 10:27 am, November 30th, 2009

by Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary W. Jaensch

Well, we have tried to tell literally everyone we know, but in case you haven’t heard – Zestra was in the New York Times Sunday Styles Section yesterday, November 29, 2009.  The Generation B article, In Search of Their Own Elixir of Love, was written by Michael Winerip.  A Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, Mike Winerip wrote a thoughtful piece about the challenges in sexual relationships when Viagra and different interest levels intersect.  Dr. Susan Kellogg, one of the most caring doctors we have ever met, discussed great success recommending Zestra to her patients.  And several women with real needs and desires, described how Zestra® helped to change their intimate lives. As we like to say with Zestra, “It is low risk, with a potentially spectacular reward.”   Based on the calls, letters and orders we are getting, many women are finding the very same thing.

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Get On the Zestra Sexual Satisfaction Bus!


Posted 11:23 am, November 14th, 2009

by Rachel Braun Scherl

Mary and I have been business partners for 12 years, talking to women all over the world about all kinds of products and health issues. Last year, we embarked on this exciting adventure to share Zestra with women – starting the conversation about sexual wellness, because ALL WOMEN DESERVE SEXUAL SATISFACTION.

Women often ask us what sexual satisfaction is and what gets in the way of them feeling more sexually satisfied. We always tell women what a doctor once said to us: sexual satisfaction is like a bus ride. Some women don’t feel like getting on the bus – they just don’t feel the same level of desire. Some women say that they don’t enjoy the “ride” – it’s too fast or too slow, or it feels like they have been there before – they just don’t feel as aroused. And some women never reach their ultimate destination – they don’t experience an orgasm. And as any woman knows, if any part of the bus ride isn’t pleasurable or enjoyable, she isn’t running to catch the next bus.
The great news is that Zestra® helps so many women get back on the bus, enjoy the ride and celebrate the opportunity to ride again! We are always encouraging women to “get on board.”

We hope that you will join us and the women who have discovered the Zestra® Rush on the bus ride to deep pleasurable sensations and satisfaction.

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