Does It Always Have to Be About the Penis?

Posted 4:46 pm, April 11th, 2011 by Rosann

It seams that many of my patients this month were talking about “the penis.”  What could this mean?  Women are now becoming more comfortable when it comes to discussing their own sexuality and sexual needs – we see more sexually explicit scenes on television and movies, stronger women who are sexually veracious and we are pushing the sexual envelop more and more.  Women are now seeking specialized care from  sexuality specialists to treat their sexual complaints whether it is painful intercourse, loss of libido or changes in orgasmic intensity and latency.  The woman, herself, feels that her sexual satisfaction is her own responsibility – and a very important one at that.  In the not so recent past, women were often made to feel reliant on their sexual partner for sexual satisfaction, the woman complied with his advances and hoped and often prayed his “sexual moves” would do the trick to excite and entice her sexually.  A woman was often expected to be passive in sex play and if by some chance she happened to be sexually dissatisfied, it was never the man’s fault.  She was often blamed and erroneously labeled as sexually frigid.  Thankfully, the tides are changing, albeit slowly, that a woman must solely rely on her partner, his technique or his penis, to ensure her own sexual satisfaction. Women are now taking ownership for their sexual satisfaction! The concept that sex is all about the penis is slowly falling to the wayside, the female sexual satisfaction revolution moves forward.

In my sexuality center, women are asking more detailed questions about their own sexual response and anatomy and are seeking proactive solutions for their sexual concerns or difficulties.  Effective solutions are available.  My patients have experienced particularly good results with topically applied Zestra®- patented blend of essential oils and extracts which has been clinically tested to enhance sexual satisfaction.  Purchase online or in the privacy of your own home and feel proactive on her journey towards sexual revival and satisfaction.

Just remember, it’s not all about the penis – it’s about you too, ladies.

This month’s tip “From the desk of the Sexual Medicine Gynecologist” was provided by guest blogger Dr. Michael L. Krychman, Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine.

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Rosann Fisher is Internet Marketing Manager at Semprae Laboratories, Inc.


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