The Four Building Blocks For An Ecstatic Orgasm

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Everyone it seems is looking for a way to have a better sex life, a magical orgasm or how to maintain sexual ecstasy in your life. Because let’s face it—we all should have ecstatic in our lives.

Whether it is bigger orgasms, or any orgasm, intimacy, the ease of sexual boredom or some kind of sexual cosmic connection—the hunt has been on for hundreds of years. When it come to sex, perhaps it is time to refresh our language and examine our sexuality lexicon. Let’s begin by taking apart sexual pleasure. It’s by taking it apart and learning it’s essential components that we can truly understand how it all works. Remember—sexual desire is something you can turn on and off. I often tell people that they don’t have to be in the mood for sex. Sometimes, it is just about showing up and doing it – and Zestra Arousal Oil can help with that (so keep it nearby!).

Four Building Blocks For An Ecstatic Orgasm:

1. It all starts in the mind. Come on—do you even remember that you have arms and legs during a mind blowing orgasm? Of course you don’t. Sex starts in the mind with thought. Where are you placing your attention? During love making are you thinking about making love or something else like what your boss said to you at a meeting? Just for fun, let’s compare sex and meditation. How many times does your mind drift during meditation? That is why we mediate with mantras—to keep our mind as clear from clutter as possible. It is the same thing with ecstatic sex. Keep your mind as focused as you can on receiving or giving sexual pleasure. When you mind wanders—gently bring it back—just like you would if you were meditating. And it’s fine to think about a sexual fantasy – just like you would a mantra!

Touch of love

2. Breath is essential. Once again, just like in meditation—the quality of your sexual experience could be linked to whether you are breathing enough. Sex educators love to talk about the “Quiet and Quick” rule. This is something that most of us learned as young people when we discovered that our genitals gave us pleasure. We learned to be quiet and quick in order not to be heard and not to be discovered. Unfortunately, for many people these sexual habits remain with us for the rest of our lives. If you want to have mind blowing sex, you need to breathe. If you breathe a little bit—you have smaller orgasms. If you can learn to open your lungs and breathe in a lot of oxygen—your potential of more pleasure grows.


3. Make Noise. Let’s go back to the “Quiet and Quick” rule that so many of us learned living in our parent’s house. We learned if we wanted to self pleasure (masturbate)—we needed to be quiet. No one wants our parents or siblings to walk in on us. Once again, many of us have kept that rule into our adult lives. We don’t want to be heard. Maybe it is no longer parents that we are concerned about—perhaps now it is children or neighbors. So keep a soft pillow near by and make noise into that if you are worried about bringing the house down. But open up that throat if you want to increase your sexual pleasure. Making noise and breathing are keys to heating up your sexual engine.

make noise

4. Learn to move. Shake it up! In the world of Tantra they often teach us to move like a wave or a dolphin. If you like you could stand up and practice that. But the technique is not important at all—the point is that stillness is not always your friend when you are looking for sexual bliss. Think of making love as a dance. You need to move your hips!


So, the next time you are thinking about how to bring more essential goodness to your love making and ramp up your sexual pleasure—remember the four components: Mind, Breath, Noise and Movement. Do it your way—paint it green and dust it with sprinkles! Own it and make it yours. I bet it will be fabulous. Just remember the trick with the pillow!

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