Help us end the double-standard in advertising.

Posted 3:02 pm, November 16th, 2010 by Karen

Nightline, the New York Times,  the San Francisco Chronicle, the View and Good Morning America have all run stories about the TV Double-Standard: that sexual products for men are allowed on TV but Zestra for women can’t get air time. 

So we’re doing something about it!   Please join us and sign our petition for equal advertising rights for women!

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Karen Swanson is VP Direct Marketing at Semprae Laboratories, Inc. To see more posts click here


Karen Swanson is VP Direct Marketing at Semprae Laboratories, Inc.


4 Responses to “Help us end the double-standard in advertising.”

  1. Silvette says:

    Not only it’s unfair that we don’t get the information but we have no insurance coverage for this kind of products.

  2. BILL says:

    Please…Please…Please…advertise and end the double standard! Every husband is America will thank you. I just bought my wife some Zetra and can’t wait for her to try it!

  3. Karen Dennis says:

    I can’t believe 40 years after the sexual revolution, we find we must fight it again! This IS a double-standard – because of the pharmaceutical lobbies in Washington DC – and it must be stopped. I’ve used this product for about a year now and it’s GREAT!

  4. Julie Skala says:

    Why are the KY arousal products allowed to advertise?? Totally unfair. I never would have known about Zestra if it hadn’t been on the View!

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