How to Eliminate Sexual Boredom

Posted 12:17 pm, April 7th, 2011 by Rosann

The Path from Tiresome to Thrilling: How to Eliminate Sexual Boredom

What is Sexual boredom? Even if you absolutely love chocolate chip cookies having them every night week after week, day after day and year after year can lead to some periods of monotony.  Sexual boredom is not uncommon for many couples.  Many couples need to modify the sexual  routine by changing the erotic script.  Changes in what you do sexually with your partner can also affect your your biology by modifying your hormones; novelty can increase the hormones and neurotransmitters that may lead heightened  intimacy and an enhanced bonding experience.

What is most important is that you and your partner feel comfortable with any transformations  to your sexual habits.

Try combining your secret desires into a real fantasy that you both would feel comfortable sharing or even acting out.  Consider your own  turn ons and what you’d like to have your partner do to you.

Be a Good Person and Lover

Its important to stay positive and constructive- criticism rarely makes for a happy sexual home life.  Also keep your sense of humor- life is often a challenge and pull together with your partner rather thank argue and fight.  Your partner can not read your mind- direct communication with your lover is important

Make it Real

Fantasy can turn into reality and it may translate into sexual excitement and adventure. For example, you may want to try pretend not knowing  each other in public places — then meet and see how the evening unfolds. Role playing with costumes and scenes also are exciting for both partners as they can live out fantasies in a safe environment.  Its always important to chat about your own personal boundaries and sexual limitations.

Play with Props

Sexual accessories can help add some excitement into the boring bedroom, Try things like sexy lingere or furry handcuffs or edible oils, sexual accessories or even costumes. Use all your senses and consider experimenting with sensual massage.  A favorite of many men and women is Zestra ® sexual enhancing oil which can be used during lovemaking to give a new WOW factor.  Many enjoy it on a regular basis to increase orgasmic intensity and pleasure.  Some women buy it for themselves and their partners to enjoy while many male partners indulge and want to bring their female sexual partners to a new level of sexual joy.  Try the zesta rush to make the mundane magically.

Seek Adventure

Try something adventurous outside the bedroom. Novelty and excitement produce a neurochemical reaction that may evoke  feelings you experience at the beginning of a new and exciting relationship. Try a rollercoaster, dancing naked in the living room or if you are more daring try skydiving, bungee jumping, or mountain climbing. Maybe even sex in the kitchen with the lights on!

Keep Active

Explore a new activity as a couple, especially one that uses your body. You could try dance lessons, tennis lessons, meditation or  yoga, or massage classes.  Some couples prefer take cooking,  language classes together  or even a massage class.  There are even erotic weekends you can attend to help rekindle your sexual romance.

This month’s tip was provided by guest blogger Dr. Michael L. Krychman, Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine.

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Rosann Fisher is Internet Marketing Manager at Semprae Laboratories, Inc.

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    This was a great article! You always need to keep that spark in the bedroom. After six years of marriage and three girls, my husband and I have to work at, but it makes it all worth it!

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