Zestra Helps You Over the Hump: Week 2

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It’s Wednesday, which means another opportunity for Zestra to bring a little joy to your Hump Day! This week on the docket: a hysterical “public service announcement,” choice sex quotes from a few nutty celebrities, our Sexpert of the Week and more! Check it out:

Video from the files

Following is possibly the greatest PSA of all time celebrating “Movember,” the month guys grow mustaches for cancer awareness. These brave funny ladies have come up with a way to join the fight: “Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day.” In their words: “Use your vagina to make a difference.”

Did you know…

20% of Americans admit to having sex with a co-worker.
According to Cosmopolitan, 75% of women admit to peeking at an ex’s Facebook profile.
61% of men in the 60+ age range are sexually active and 37% of women. (Source: www.seniorsite.com)

Sex quotes from sexy people—

Mae West

“Sex is emotion in motion.” –Mae West
“I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt.” –Groucho Marx
“My wife wants sex in the back of the car and she wants me to drive.” –Rodney Dangerfield

Sexpert of the week – Dr. Veronica Anderson

Dr. Veronica Anderson headshot

Certain people seem to be pros at everything. Dr. Veronica Anderson is one of these lucky few. In addition to being an ophthalmologist with a specialization in glaucoma, she runs the very successful, informative and broad-based health and wellness website http://www.drveronica.com, not to mention running marathons for charity and practicing Tae Kwon Do (she’s a black belt, of course).

Just thinking about her schedule makes us tired.

Dr. Anderson – who, it should be noted, decided on her profession at the tender age of 4 (!) – also has a weekly talk radio show (“Wellness for the Real World with Dr. Veronica”) that broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio. Her topics range from depression and eating addictions to obesity and tantric sex.

Though her website and radio show cover a variety of lifestyle issues, her favorite subject and activity is, in her words, “sex, sex and more sex!” In fact, she maintains it’s everyone’s favorite subject, though most people won’t admit it.

“The problem with sex is that we’re never taught about sex in the context of any type of relationship,” Dr. Anderson explains. “The only time we see sex in a relationship is in the boring drudgery of some dreaded marriage… and then, who wants it like that?”

Dr. Anderson has also appeared on a number of national TV shows, including “Nancy Grace,” “Our World with Neil Cavuto” and “Live with Adam Carolla.” She answers wellness questions at www.askdrveronica.com.

“Too many Americans know how to be sick and play the victim, but don’t know how to be well,” Dr. Anderson says. “They need someone to show them how to be well. If I can show them how, and introduce them to people who are living proof of wellness, I think that is a great way to contribute to healthy minds and lives.”

Dr. Veronica Anderson tweet

You can follow her @DrVeronicaEyeMD on Twitter as well as us:

5 tips that will make you a better kisser

1.) Please no ramming tongue down throat – breathing is still necessary.
2.) Mouthwash. Use it.
3.) Vary the tempo.
4.) Tilt your head. Head-butting a partner can really kill the mood. And try to avoid a teeth-on-teeth collision.
5.) Have fun!

Older couple kissing

The results of last week’s Facebook poll were:

Question: If my sex life were a car, it would be:
A. A Cadillac – old & boxy, but classy as hell – 36%
B. The Mercedes E class – a classy & sexy ride – 18%
C. A Ford Mustang – 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat – 9%
D. A Saab – once cool, now in danger of extinction – 18%
E. A Porsche – sleek, sexy, fast and hard – 9%
F. A Yugo GV – Quirky but extinct – 9%
G. A Minivan – safe and burdened with too many kids – 0%

Check out our Facebook page to vote on this week’s poll: “If I saw my high school crush today, I would…” Results will be published next week!

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