Strip Poker Players of the World Unite!

Posted 10:00 am, December 3rd, 2011

by Zestra News

Barbie Strip Poker

The day you have eagerly anticipated is here: Zestra will reveal the optimal order of Strip Poker clothing removal.

And, with the assistance of our game Barbie models, we’ve put our pointers in this handy gallery, guaranteed to educate, entertain and amaze.

So study the photos, yank out that card table and get down to some Poker Face.

You’re welcome, America.

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Zestra Follow Friday!

Posted 12:54 pm, December 2nd, 2011

by Zestra News

Info you should know from people you should be following:
Zestra recommends checking out the following Twitter feeds this Friday!


Description: “Aren’t We Naughty, the Store for Couples at Play, is Canada’s #1 choice for all things naughty. 18+ only please.”

Arent We Naughty Tweet


Description: “Kinky, quirky, sex-obsessed, sex toy-obsessed, sexpos critical theory slut with a passion for writing & def an acquired taste. 18+ NSFW” AskArabella Tweet


Description: “Getting married? Divorced? Starting a family? Love Coach can help respark your relationship and keep it fresh. Workshops & retreats with psychologists & coaches”

Love_Coach Tweet


Description: “Need to spice up your marriage? Red Hot Marriage offers sex advice, relationship insights, and creative suggestions to bring on the heat!” RedHotMarriage Tweet


Description: “Crazy busy mom of 5, Nutritionist, Yoga teacher, doTerra Essential Oil lover, blogger.”

LauraYogimama Tweet

And, as always, remember to on Twitter as well!

Also, today is the LAST DAY to enter the Zestra Glide Into the Holidays Contest to win a $500 Visa Gift Card! Just “like” the Zestra Glide Facebook page, and you’re in!

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Zestra Helps You Get Over the Hump: Week 4

Posted 8:30 am, November 30th, 2011

by Zestra News

OK, folks, you’ve had your day of stuffing the stuffing – now it’s nose-to-the-grindstone time until the primo (read: “GIFTS!”) holidays. But fear not! Zestra is here to help you through the pre-Hanukkah-Christmas-Kwanza-Winter Solstice-Festivus doldrums! Without further ado—this week’s Hump Day, chockfull of bizarre dating videos, a pair of loving sexperts and the results of last week’s poll!

Videos of the Week:

For those of you making a dating profile video, do NOT copy Trudy Wiegel of Reno 911!

RENO 911!
Date a Cop – Trudy Wiegel
Lt. Jim Dangle’s Sex Tape Terry Time Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Review RENO 911! Porn Parody

Or her pal Frank Rizzo…

RENO 911!
Date a Cop – Frank Rizzo
Lt. Jim Dangle’s Sex Tape Terry Time Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Review RENO 911! Porn Parody

Raineesha may have a point on the good credit:

RENO 911!
Date a Cop – Raineesha Williams
Lt. Jim Dangle’s Sex Tape Terry Time Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Review RENO 911! Porn Parody

Sexy Quotes from Sexy People–

Rodney Dangerfield

“I’m at the age where food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact, I’ve just had a mirror put over my kitchen table.” –Rodney Dangerfield
“I wouldn’t recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” –Hunter S. Thompson
“Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.” –Karl Marx

Sexperts of the Week – Judith Claire and Frank Wiegers

Frank Wiegers Judith Claire

Judith Claire and Frank Wiegers are married relationship and sexuality experts based out of Santa Monica, CA. Judith, a writer and life coach, met Frank, a thrice-divorced Vietnam War vet, in 2004. After their initial attraction blossomed into a marriage, Judith and Frank wanted to share their experiences with others and founded Top Gun Love, an online resource “dedicated to honestly answering love, sex and relationship questions.”

“Some say that sex is 10% of a relationship—if it’s working; but it becomes 90% if the sex is not working,” says Frank.

Their website offers webinars on such topics as “Reawaken Romance with an Adventure in the Bedroom!” and “Be Rewarded for Giving Her What She Wants!” Personal coaching is also available.

According to Frank, “To have a consistent sustainable sexual relationship requires skills and abilities for which many of us received very little (if any) training. Contrary to popular opinion, great sex does not come instinctively or just happen because we are in love. It takes training and practice in both sex and relationship to bring us the ecstatic life we want.”

“Living with and loving Frank is truly a blessing and one that can be shared. Together, we’ve got 138 years of life experience and counting, and the commitment and training to help make your love, sex and relationship dreams come true,” says Judith.

topgunlove Twitter

Follow the couple on Twitter @topgunlove and us

The results of last week’s Facebook polls

Question: Sexting is…
A. A waste of good hanky-panky thoughts. 50%
B. Dangerous for celebrities and politicians. 25%
C. The wrong way to do it. 8%
D. Idiotic. 8%
E. What I’m doing right now. 8%

Check out our Facebook page to vote on this week’s poll: “The movie my love life most resembles is…”

Results will be published next week!

And remember to enter the Zestra Glide into the Holidays Contest where you can enter to win a $500 Visa Gift Card.

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Zestra Helps You Get Over the Hump: Week 3

Posted 1:49 pm, November 22nd, 2011

by Zestra News

With Thanksgiving hot on our tails, we’ve decided to adjust our Hump accordingly. Tuesday is the new Wednesday! And before you gorge yourself on turkey and fall asleep to your favorite football game, we wanted to take this opportunity to get in some pre-Turkey Day sex info.

Happy smiling mature couple

The most EXCITING item of the week is the launch of the Zestra Glide into the Holidays Contest where you can enter to win a $500 Visa Gift Card. Zestra Glide is a sensational new water-based lubricant designed specifically to work with Zestra arousal oil. It will be available for purchase in early December.

To get the word out about Glide, we are offering tons of opportunities to enter our contest (even multiple entries per person)! And the more entries, the more winners: Zestra will give out an additional $500 Visa Gift Card for every 1,000 entries (rules here). Spread the word!

We’re pretty sure everyone could use an extra $500… Unfortunately, those of us who work at Zestra can’t enter… but that didn’t keep us from dreaming. We decided to share some flame-fanning suggestions for the impending winner.

Spa weekend

Spa weekend picture

One word: MASSAGES! Enjoy an overnight stay at a spa hotel and you’ll never have to leave your robe!

Limo to private dinner for two


Feel like you’re out of town, in town. Rent a stretch limo then head to your favorite fancy restaurant. Bonus points for dressing up.

Let’s get it on romance basket

Champagne cork

Champagne, strawberries, chocolate, a trip to your favorite erotic store… and don’t forget the Zestra!

Romancing the Movies

Doctor Zhivago poster

Buy out the Best Buy romance department – think “Doctor Zhivago,” “Out of Africa,” “The English Patient,” “Brief Encounter,” “The Notebook”… and remember to snag a Blu-ray to play them on.



You can buy about 6 dozen (72!) premium roses from FTD – and probably 15 dozen from your local grocery store.

But you can do anything with your gift card – $500 is just sexy, period.

So remember to enter! Contest closes Dec. 2.

Video of the Week:

You may know Eva Longoria from “Desperate Housewives,” but have you seen her in night vision? Check out Ms. Longoria’s sex tape spoof below.

Sexy Quotes from Sexy People—

John Barrymore Headshot

“Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.” –John Barrymore
“Sex. In America, an obsession. In other parts of the world, a fact.” –Marlene Dietrich
“Chastity: The most unnatural of the sexual perversions.” –Aldous Huxley

Sex tip of the week:

Get hot in the kitchen!
Jump-start your libido with sex in a new location. Kitchens are already associated with one type of pleasure, why not add another?

Sex in kitchen

1.) Plan ahead. If your kitchen floor is hardwood or linoleum (as most are), padding may prove necessary. (Nobody likes a frostbitten butt!)
2.) Remember that whatever you spill, you have to clean up.
3.) If you have kids, be sure they’re not in danger of needing a midnight cookie.

For more sensual pointers, check out the Mickey Rourke-Kim Basinger film “Nine ½ Weeks” or the lust-inducing recipes in “The Joy of Cooking.”

The results of last week’s Facebook poll

Question: If I saw my high school crush today, I would:
A. Rejoice that I look way better than them. 36%
B. Tell them the crush is still alive and well. 18%
C. Ask about the spouse. 27%
D. Walk the other way. 18%

Check out our Facebook page to vote on this week’s poll: “Sexting is…” Results will be published next week!

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Zestra Helps You Over the Hump: Week 2

Posted 12:18 pm, November 16th, 2011

by Zestra News

It’s Wednesday, which means another opportunity for Zestra to bring a little joy to your Hump Day! This week on the docket: a hysterical “public service announcement,” choice sex quotes from a few nutty celebrities, our Sexpert of the Week and more! Check it out:

Video from the files

Following is possibly the greatest PSA of all time celebrating “Movember,” the month guys grow mustaches for cancer awareness. These brave funny ladies have come up with a way to join the fight: “Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day.” In their words: “Use your vagina to make a difference.”

Did you know…

20% of Americans admit to having sex with a co-worker.
According to Cosmopolitan, 75% of women admit to peeking at an ex’s Facebook profile.
61% of men in the 60+ age range are sexually active and 37% of women. (Source:

Sex quotes from sexy people—

Mae West

“Sex is emotion in motion.” –Mae West
“I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt.” –Groucho Marx
“My wife wants sex in the back of the car and she wants me to drive.” –Rodney Dangerfield

Sexpert of the week – Dr. Veronica Anderson

Dr. Veronica Anderson headshot

Certain people seem to be pros at everything. Dr. Veronica Anderson is one of these lucky few. In addition to being an ophthalmologist with a specialization in glaucoma, she runs the very successful, informative and broad-based health and wellness website, not to mention running marathons for charity and practicing Tae Kwon Do (she’s a black belt, of course).

Just thinking about her schedule makes us tired.

Dr. Anderson – who, it should be noted, decided on her profession at the tender age of 4 (!) – also has a weekly talk radio show (“Wellness for the Real World with Dr. Veronica”) that broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio. Her topics range from depression and eating addictions to obesity and tantric sex.

Though her website and radio show cover a variety of lifestyle issues, her favorite subject and activity is, in her words, “sex, sex and more sex!” In fact, she maintains it’s everyone’s favorite subject, though most people won’t admit it.

“The problem with sex is that we’re never taught about sex in the context of any type of relationship,” Dr. Anderson explains. “The only time we see sex in a relationship is in the boring drudgery of some dreaded marriage… and then, who wants it like that?”

Dr. Anderson has also appeared on a number of national TV shows, including “Nancy Grace,” “Our World with Neil Cavuto” and “Live with Adam Carolla.” She answers wellness questions at

“Too many Americans know how to be sick and play the victim, but don’t know how to be well,” Dr. Anderson says. “They need someone to show them how to be well. If I can show them how, and introduce them to people who are living proof of wellness, I think that is a great way to contribute to healthy minds and lives.”

Dr. Veronica Anderson tweet

You can follow her @DrVeronicaEyeMD on Twitter as well as us:

5 tips that will make you a better kisser

1.) Please no ramming tongue down throat – breathing is still necessary.
2.) Mouthwash. Use it.
3.) Vary the tempo.
4.) Tilt your head. Head-butting a partner can really kill the mood. And try to avoid a teeth-on-teeth collision.
5.) Have fun!

Older couple kissing

The results of last week’s Facebook poll were:

Question: If my sex life were a car, it would be:
A. A Cadillac – old & boxy, but classy as hell – 36%
B. The Mercedes E class – a classy & sexy ride – 18%
C. A Ford Mustang – 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat – 9%
D. A Saab – once cool, now in danger of extinction – 18%
E. A Porsche – sleek, sexy, fast and hard – 9%
F. A Yugo GV – Quirky but extinct – 9%
G. A Minivan – safe and burdened with too many kids – 0%

Check out our Facebook page to vote on this week’s poll: “If I saw my high school crush today, I would…” Results will be published next week!

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Sex Fetishes: What causes them?

Posted 8:45 am, November 11th, 2011

by Zestra News

Mask and cuffs

People are turned on by the darndest things.

We all know human sexuality is uber-complicated; what turns on one person is often completely ridiculous to someone else. Whether or not something is classified as a fetish is often more a measure of which behaviors and attractions are considered “average” or “normal.” Are washboard abs a “fetish”? Well, they’re certainly attractive – but it’s an attraction most of us can agree on.

Though fetishes are included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), they are only considered to be an illness if the individual suffers as a result of the addiction. The addiction itself is NOT considered to be an illness. Most fetishes are harmless, confined to bedroom behavior and just a more extreme response to particular stimuli.

Classification of fetishes

Fetishes are classified into inanimate and animate.

Inanimate Fetishes can be either media (referring to the material one is aroused by) or form (relating to the excitement one feels due to the shape of an object). An erotic fascination with latex or leather are examples of a media fetish; a sexual fixation on stiletto heels is classified as a form fetish.

Animate Fetishes are sexual fixations related to human body parts, like feet.

Fetish boots

Perspectives on the Origin of Fetishes

No one is absolutely certain where fetishes originate, but there are a number of theories.

Classical Conditioning & Behaviorism
Sexual stimulus and the fetish object are presented at the same time, leading the person to create a connection between them.

A special type of classical conditioning, imprinting happens at a specific time in early childhood and is stamped on the child’s psyche, connecting an object with sex.

In this theory, when children aren’t given adequate affection by their parents, they transfer their feelings (sexual and otherwise) onto an inanimate object.

It is possible that a fetish is the result of “crossed wires” in the brain, creating a link between sexual feelings and the object of the fetish.

Freud thought male fetishism was related to fears of castration and the mother’s genitals. Of course, Freud thought everything was related to that.


Most fetishes do not require treatment. For fetishes severe enough to adversely impact a person’s personal or professional life, there are a few treatment options:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy – example: Reminding oneself of the fetish’s irrationality, leading to self-judgment and corrective behavior.

Psychoanalysis – example: Tell me about your mother… Psychoanalysis tries to discover the origins of the fetish as a way of neutralizing it.

Aversive Conditioning – example: Loudly yelling, “STOP” as soon as arousal starts. Think Pavlov’s dogs.

Medication – Self-explanatory.

Common Fetishes

According to the readers of, the 10 most popular fetishes were:
1. Voyeurism and exhibitionism (watching others and liking to be watched)
2. Golden showers
3. Water (someone who likes showering – likes it a LOT)
4. Braids, ponytails, pigtails
5. Fingernails and lipstick
6. Feet and hands
7. Domination and submission
8. Leather, rubber, vinyl, latex
9. Body piercings
10. Stomachs

Some less common (but way more interesting) fetishes:
One is sexually aroused by:
Mannequins (Agalmatophilia)
Plushies (Ursusagalmatophilia)
Acting and dressing as a baby (Paraphilic Infantilism)
Having “vampire sex” (Hemotolagnia)
Hooking up in tight spaces (Claustrophilia)
Making people cry (Dacryphilia)
Amputees (Acrotomophilia)
Watching their partner sleep (Somnophilia) – we imagine this is very inconvenient for the partner.

For more information on fetishes, there are a vast number of online resources, our favorite of which is Dr. Ava Cadell’s Loveology University site. (She offers a specific course in foot fetishes!) You can follow Dr. Cadell on Twitter @loveologyu4u and us @Zestra.

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