Sex Is All About Having Fun

Posted 4:10 pm, January 19th, 2011 by Rosann

Linda Franklin, founder and director of and author of the bestseller Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am, knows a thing or two about reinvention after forty.  Below she dispels some sexual myths that may be stopping you from having fun in the bedroom.

Just like men, women make their fair share of  bedroom blunders.  In fact, too many women are guilty of buying into sexual myths like, “Men are like a light switch, either they are turned on or turned off.” So let’s start with that myth and move on to other outdated beliefs that take the fun out of sex.

MYTH #1:  Men get turned on without you  even trying. Maybe that’s true if the guy’s 22, but beyond that, men definitely have times when they need more.  A show of interest from you can be very encouraging and the ultimate turn on. Men love to be made love to, so don’t overlook your opportunity to please your partner.  His erection is all about you.

MYTH #2:  Expecting a man to know what turns you on. Why should a man know your body better than you do?  Let your partner know what you like.  Better still, show him.

MYTH #3:  Thinking sex is “messy.” Whatever  happens during sex is sensual not gross. Start thinking  about the joy of  sex not cleaning the sheets. MYTH  #4:  Certain positions are  “unladylike.”  No such thing.  If it pleases both of you go for it.

MYTH #4:  Refusing to let a partner try anything new. You can’t even stand eating the same meal twice in a week, why would you expect your partner to want to have sex the same way every single time?

MYTH #5:  Hiding “enhancers.” If you enjoy using a fun toy or  an arousal oil to enhance your sexual experience, don’t be embarrased to share that with  your partner.  He will love that you want to kick it up a  notch.

MYTH #6:  Making love is  sinful. If  you have an ill conceived notion that sex is sinful – then you are not going  to enjoy it.  Sex isn’t sinful, it’s as natural as eating and breathing.  Sex is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed. So go ahead, let go,  start laughing, playing, and having fun in bed or anywhere else you  choose.

MYTH #7:  Too tired for  sex. Making love is energizing  – so even if you are tired, give it a try.  Experts say the more you  have sex the more you will want to have sex. Don’t send it to the bottom of your priority list.  Not having sex is bad for your health and your relationship.

Sex is all about having fun, so don’t get all tangled up with what you think is right or wrong – just go for the gusto and enjoy!!!

Linda Franklin

The Real Cougar Woman

To learn more about Linda and her tips for smart, sexy and independent women over 40, visit her website

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Rosann Fisher is Internet Marketing Manager at Semprae Laboratories, Inc.


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