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Daisy Dukes Bikinis on Top


Posted 5:02 pm, July 19th, 2011

by Rosann

Summer is upon us.  Embrace the sunshine, heat and humidity.  The sun is glimmering and the weather is pleasant and warm. The hot sun is shining, the ocean’s waves are crashing on the surf.  School is out and privacy is at an all time low.  Summer vacation has invaded the adult world as parents are  now the chauffeurs to soccer, cheerleading, golf, tennis and swimming.

With the beginning of the summer months, women have begun to reexamine their bodies and stress about how the winter months have often not been kind.  Crash diets and food restrictions, aggressive aerobic exercise is often on the menu as we all fear the changes that have occurred during the sedentary winter.  We all know that  we will soon need to put on swim suits and venture to the beach or community swimming pool.  Women will now take off the cozy (read here baggy) woollen sweaters of winter and dawn our form fitting swim suits, pack up the mini vans and head to the beach for a day of “relaxation and leisure”.

With the return to the warmth of summer, we all return to self-examination and look at ourselves both on the physical and spiritual levels.  Not only do we readdress weight issues, because of our inherent vanity and innate desire to look attractive in a bathing suit, but we also take the time to look  at  other areas of our life.

During the winter months, when we often did not skip that second piece of cheese cake, and we ate our second helpings of pasta (even if we were not hungry), the pounds somehow  layered onto our abdomens.  Not only did we gain weight, but our  relationships, friendships, marriage and sexual vitality may have also become bloated and stagnant. It is not uncommon for us to feel stale and uncomfortable, especially as the seasons change.  Those  cozy hot chocolate toddies sipped at  the warmth of the blazing fireplace can lead to sexual complacency and boredom.

As you begin your diet by eating well balanced and portion controlled porions, and exercising.  It is time to refresh your sexual dynamism. Revitalize your physical body, and your sensual body.

Dawn your daisy dukes (or your version of them), and think about enhancing sexual satisfaction and excitement.  Consider Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils™ as an important summer accessory for your beach bag.  Physical revitalization is hard to achieve if you are ignoring your wsexual vitality and satisfaction.  Sunscreen, beach towel and the latest diet book should be in your beach bag.  The zippered inner (secret) pocket of the bag will be room enough for the after beach excitement and revitalization – try Zestra ® today.

This post was provided by guest blogger Dr. Michael L. Krychman, Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine.

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