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Zestra’s (You-Really-Don’t-Have-To) Fake-It-Friday


Posted 8:30 am, December 16th, 2011

by Zestra News

Your Brain on O

Women are prolific, efficient and effective liars…

…At least, they are when it comes to faking orgasms.

Over the past few weeks, Zestra has tweeted, posted, blogged and commented on a number of media stories related to the seemingly irrepressible habit women have of acting out the Big O instead of experiencing one.

Scientists have speculated on why women fake it. How much they fake it. When they fake it. With whom they fake it. What it means when they fake it.

The fake orgasm may be History’s tallest tale.

The thing is, though… WOMEN DON’T HAVE TO. We have the technology! We have Zestra.

Below is a sample of our favorite orgasm news. Just keep in mind that in today’s day and age, “faking it” is a choice, not a necessity.

Women's Health Screen Grab

Women’s Health IDs reasons women fake orgasms, and why it’s not good for them…

ABC News Orgasm Screen Grab

ABC News claims some women experience a “labor orgasm” during childbirth.

CNN orgasm screen grab

Study finds women who fake orgasms more likely to believe their mate will cheat.

The Daily Fix Orgasm Screen Grab

MRI shows a woman’s brain lighting up during orgasm.

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“It was amazing! It FELT amazing! Zestra really did…”


Posted 3:01 pm, October 4th, 2010

by Rosann

“…Now, it did not turn me into a wanton sex kitten, so I would say that my desire and/or libido was unaffected. That said, it did make sex even more pleasurable than usual and the memory of that will most certainly make me more enthusiastic for the next time.  So, in that way, Zestra can potentially help you become more interested in sex because it just plain feels better. It also might have a more systemic effect once it’s been used more often, but I can’t speak to that… yet…”

Read full Zestra Review at Toy With Me.

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Better Sex on BETTER


Posted 9:34 am, July 1st, 2010

by Rosann

Watch Better TV’s dating and relationship experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal as they discuss sex between the sexes with Semprae founders Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary Wallace Jaensch.  The four highlight reasons why women of all ages can experience challenges with desire, and share tips on how to boost your love life.

To hear more from Better TV’s team of relationship experts, check out these related videos.

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