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Posted 10:25 am, February 11th, 2010

by Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary W. Jaensch

What a week in the Northeast weather-wise and across the country Zestra-wise. As a long-time fan of the Wizard of Oz, we have had to shift our total love to the other Oz – The Dr. Oz. This Monday and Tuesday all across the country, Dr. Laura Berman, noted “sexpert” and Dr. Oz discussed the huge benefits of Zestra for improving arousal, desire, sensitivity and ability to orgasm. And it’s safe, effective and works for 70% of women. And when they use it and like it, they use it time and time again. Just think of it as your own little insurance policy. The secret is out!!! Our phone lines were jammed, our web site was stampeded as people all across the country ordered their Zestra. So if you are still snowed in (or just wish you were), give Zestra a whirl. Then tell 2 friends and so on and so on. What a way to get rid of the winter doldrums!!!!!

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The Big ‘O’ – Zestra on Dr. Oz’s Orgasm Show


Posted 9:56 am, February 8th, 2010

by Karen

On the Dr. Oz show ‘How to Reclaim Your Orgasm after 40,’ Dr. Laura Berman highlights Zestra as a scientifically proven herbal oil that increases sensation, arousal and ability to orgasm.

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