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No Sexual Interest – Not So Fun!!!!!


Posted 3:16 pm, March 5th, 2010

by Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary W. Jaensch

So in the last few weeks, a bunch of really smart health care professionals met in Florida and shared research that low sexual desire in women affects their emotional well-being. Simply, it is a big bummer to have no interest in having sex. To some, this might seem obvious, but this is the first time that scientific data has proven this connection (according to Sheryl Kingsberg , a psychologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and chief of UH’s Behavioral Medicine Program in Cleveland, OH) . Click here to read the article.

What matters to us is that people are finally starting to talk about women’s sexual satisfaction. At Semprae, we believe strongly that “All women deserve sexual satisfaction.” Simple, true and important. Keep the conversation going.

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