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Salute to Mothers


Posted 4:20 pm, May 7th, 2011

by Rosann

May is the month of spring flowers and of course mothers.  With mother’s day upon us it is time to salute those who have taken care of us, fed and diapered us, made us soup when we were ill, cheered us during our soccer games, convinced us that we could finish our homework, or held our hands when we needed it. Mothers put themselves after their families, and care for us during our  illness, and cheer us on  during our accomplishments.  Mother’s deserve our special recognition not only during the month of May, but all year round!

It’s not surprising that childrearing and sexuality has been the subject of much clinical research.  A recent Swedish study published in the Journal of Sex Research, examined the impact of children on sexual frequency.  It is not a huge surprise that children inversely affect sexual frequency – the more children you have, the less sexual activity you and your partner are likely to experience.  Many site fatigue, lack of privacy, and time constraints as barriers to sensual intimacy with their partner.  The generation of DINS (Double  Income No Sex) is upon us.  We may have time for unlimited texting, 2 hours of daily aerobic exercise, pilates and late night business meetings but when it comes to sexual intimacy we do not have time and are often exhausted.  Many times in clinical practice, sexual medicine experts and sexual counselors encourage a lock on the master bedroom door, and planned date nights where adults can enjoy each other without children.  In clinical practice, we often see couples who complain about no sexual activity and when you examine their sleep habits you discover that their toddlers are still sleeping in their  master bed – a physical barrier to sensual and sexual intimacy!  We all need to recognize that private adult time is vital to help nurture the soul of our relationship.  Our children will grow up, leave the nest and we need to have vital sexually energized relationships as we age.

This Mother’s day, whether you’re a mother, grandmother, aunt or single, treat yourself to a day and night of leisure.  Give yourself a break from your children, your job and other commitments and enjoy!  Plan a day of leisure, relax and enjoy the quiet, enjoy the solitude and plan some renewed sensuality.  Take control of the day and plan a night of romance or novelty with your lover.  Novelty is the spice of life – try something new – whatever you are comfortable with – vibrators, toys or products.  Heighten your own sense of sexuality with Zestra®, a patented blend of herbs and a clinically tested essential arousal oils.

Put yourself as the top priority, today.  Taking care of yourself will help reenergize your spirit and will renew your passion and zest for life and motherhood.  Feel the rush of motherhood, feel the rush of womanhood, feel the rush of sensuality and sexuality.

This month’s “Salute to Mothers” was provided by guest blogger Dr. Michael L. Krychman, Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine.

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