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The Passion Behind the Business of Sexual Satisfaction


Posted 4:11 pm, March 19th, 2010

by Rosann

The city of Newark erupted with laughter, clapping, and a couple of “mmm-hmms” yesterday as Semprae’s Rachel Braun Scherl talked about female sexual satisfaction, in the context of being a business owner and entrepreneur. As the keynote speaker at the “Empower, Engage, Energize” conference sponsored by NJAWBO’s Women’s Business Center, Scherl dazzled the crowd, most of whom are actively running their own businesses, as she recounted her experiences founding Semprae Laboratories with long time business-partner Mary Wallace Jaensch.

The story of how Jaensch and Scherl are bringing Zestra into the bedrooms of women everywhere inspires the attendees, as women and business owners alike. At the end of Scherl’s energetic and humorous speech, filled with small anecdotes of her business triumphs and tribulations, she shared the Semprae recipe for success: focus, endurance and passion. One conference attendee, Dolcey C., commented on how much she truly enjoyed listening, “Very rarely do you get a woman of that background to share business insights – let alone handle a sensitive topic so well.”

Rachel Braun Scherl with NJPAC Women’s Business Center Organizers

Rachel Braun Scherl with NJAWBO Women's Business Center Organizers

All attendees received a Zestra 2-Pack (or as Scherl likes to say “a 2-Occasion Pack”), and after asking Scherl a flurry of questions, many seemed to be interested in trying this arousal product that “works.” One male attendee joked that he and his wife of 34 years would definitely be providing feedback. Kim M., who is thinking about trying Zestra, said this speech and the discussion that followed “opened up the prospect of women’s arousal. It’s not just about the males.” Here’s to that, Kim.  We hope you enjoy the Zestra Rush!

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