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Where shall I sign?


Posted 9:02 pm, September 24th, 2010

by Rosann

Thanks to all who have signed our petition. We’re up to 37 signatures (and counting), and know that more names will be added throughout the weekend. And, since we couldn’t make this happen without your help, we’ve decided to give a year supply of Zestra to the top three recruiters. So these fabulous, persuasive ladies (or gents) will be feeling the oh-mazing effects of the ZestraRush all year long. Right now, Christi Sturgill of Mount Vernon, KY is in the running to enjoy a spectacular 2010- 2011.

We’d also like to thank Julie Silbert, author of, who posted about the Nightline story and added the petition to her post about sexual satisfaction. Julie, you may have just started a trend. We absolutely love your quote, “…I’m not going to say that orgasm is everything; but it certainly isn’t nothing either.”

Finally, here’s our funny snippet for the day:

What would Rhett Butler say?
“Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn. Women deserve sexual satisfaction.”

To all of our Z fans, we hope you have a great weekend. And, if you think of a funny ‘quote’ that a famous person or character might say about the double standard in advertising, we’re all ears. Comment away.

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