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It Was Like the Sex We Had BEFORE Kids


Posted 10:53 am, May 18th, 2010

by Rosann

Suzy H, Medford, NJ (via Share Your Story)

“My hubby and I have two boys and a very busy schedule. My sex drive since I had my 19 month old has been really low. I’d like to chalk it up to schedules and having what my husband calls a vanilla only sex life. Since he is still in his twenties and I, in my thirties, it seemed as if we just couldn’t get it together (if you know what I mean). Thanks to Zestra…there is hope again in our sex life. Zestra put the fun back in our sex life. The first night we tried Zestra, it was like the sex that we had pre-children. Thank you Zestra for helping me and my younger husband jump start our sex lives all over again!”

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