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Shhhh! Common Unspoken Menopause Symptoms


Posted 12:00 pm, November 5th, 2011

by Zestra News

Embarrased Talking About Menopause?Menopause. It’s a term most women associate with hot flashes and mood swings. However, there are two prevalent menopausal symptoms that are rarely talked about – vaginal dryness and pain. Since these symptoms are rarely if ever discussed, women often feel alone, isolated and are unaware of solutions. In reality, vaginal health issues are very common; about 50% of women suffer from vaginal symptoms during menopause.

Not only are these symptoms common, but so is the “Grin and Bear it” mentality that most menopausal women have toward sex. In a recent study, 93% of women who report painful intercourse stated that they are still engaging in sexual activity. In an effort to change the conversation, Kelley Connors, host of Real Women on Health Radio, interviewed Dr. Michael Krychman, MD, Board-Certified Ob-Gyn. The two discussed the many options available to help mature women enjoy healthy, satisfying sexual relationships as well as the need to break down cultural taboos around female sexuality that keep women from addressing their discomfort. Interested? Listen below.

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How to Enjoy Great Sex After 50


Posted 11:46 am, April 25th, 2011

by Rosann

Guest blogger Pamela Madsen, author of Shameless: How I Ditched the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure…and Somehow Got Home in Time To Cook Dinner, discusses how to keep it sexy after 50. Pamela emphatically believes that great sex does not have to end just because you got your AARP Card! This article first appeared on

I am here to shout from the roof tops that great sex does not have to end just because you are getting older! One of the most common questions that I am asked by my fifty something coaching clients is what can they do to keep it sexy after 50. So I have created some helpful tips to keep you humming!

Are You Lover Ready?

Never underestimate the value of breath mints! I am really not kidding – somehow when we are in relationship for a while, we let things go. We come to bed in sweat pants and torn tee shirts. We give our best at the office where we carry the peppermints – but sometimes come to bed without brushing our teeth! When you come to bed are you “Lover Ready” or more likely ready to turn your back?

I always find the suggestion of a date night so cliché. But date nights are really important. It’s important to leave those tennis shoes at home and get dressed up! It is only by courting each other that we get to remember the person that you fell in love with. Keep the connection and communication alive by not bringing your problems to dinner. Don’t bring up the issues with the kids, or financial problems. Really they can wait! Instead focus on your dreams – and what kind of adventure your guys could plan if you could create the time away. In addition, if you can get away – go! The truth is that sex in a hotel room can be the best sex of all.

Flipping The Sex Switch on in Your Brain

Sex is about more than procreation and it can get better with age. Yes – sex changes as we get older. Our hormones wane – and this can actually be a good thing! If we are not in the frenzy of hormone driven sex – we can take advantage of the slowing down. There is opportunity in the slowing down where a deepening sensuality can grow.

Remember that young sex is hormone driven. Those raging hormones get us running around those bases like we are in a race. Isn’t it hard to taste your food while you are running? As our hormones soften – we can too and perhaps finally begin to truly pay attention to what we are doing. Slow down and get sensual.

Let you hot deep desire soften into love and gentleness. Let go of what love making used to look like – that was so last year. It’s time to let go of who you used to be as a sexual creature and say hello to who you are now. Many people believe that making love (sex) starts in our brains. It’s about how you think of yourself. If you think you are old and your sexuality is dead then most likely you will act old and you sexuality will be dead. Instead – let’s flip the sex switch back on – and let the blood flow!

Sex is About More Than Intercourse!

It’s time for an attitude adjustment! If you are a man over 50 – you do not need to be a roaring stallion anymore. Chances are your woman would be just as happy if you learned how to explore the other arts of love making! Explore things like oral sex and all body touch. Slow it down and do a little research on how to make your touch sexier. There are some great resources out there. Explore educational videos that can teach you how to use your mouth and hands more effectively! And maybe it’s time to see what is going on at your local sex store! Sex toys are fun – and they can really inspire you to be innovative in your play!

The Changing Body

Both men and women experience changes in our bodes as we age. Women may find that they are now experiencing thinness in their vaginal walls and dryness. Men may experience a drop in testosterone while women are losing estrogen. Talk to your doctor about exploring Bio Identical Hormone Therapy. Some experts believe that changes in diet, increasing exercise, acupuncture and even doing kegals for both men and women can really help. Learn about the little blue pill, lubricants, arousal gels for women and become an innovative thinker.

Menopause or Manopause is no reason for sex to stop. Sexless marriages and sexless single lives do not have to happen simply because we age or our bodies change. In fact these changes can bring added gifts. It is possible to become a hotter lover and be more sexually active than we ever were when we were younger. Come on….have you ever done a sexy Skype conversation with your partner?

See? The possibilities are endless!

Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen is a fertility/sex educator, blogger, author of Shameless (Rodale, Jan 2011), motivational speaker and founder of The American Fertility Association. She is also a certified somatic sex educator with a coaching practice that focuses on helping people create the next big thing in their lives, as well as supporting her clients in issues related to sexuality and fertility.  To learn more about Pamela, please visit her website and her daily blog,

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Win Tickets to Menopause The Musical


Posted 12:56 pm, July 7th, 2010

by Rosann

If you’re in your 30′s, 40′s, or 50′s, and are looking for a LOL night with the girls, we highly recommend Menopause The Musical. Even if you haven’t hit menopause yet (there’s always perimenopause to look forward to) it’s a great way to celebrate and laugh about being a woman.

The show is based on four women who meet while shopping at Bloomingdales for lingerie and break out into song and dance about night sweats, forgetfulness, pesky chin hairs, and changes in sexual desire and arousal. Menopause The Musical features 25 songs, all of which are parodies of the classics from the 60s and 70s such as “Stayin’ Awake/Night Sweating.”  Some women claim that taking their husbands to the show helped them to gain an understanding of what we as women go through – truly remarkable.

In general, the most jarring aspect of menopause for women is the lack of control, and the feeling that someone, or something is taking over their body. And, even we admit it’s pretty hard to focus on sexual satisfaction when you are sweating through every shirt you own (towel please). Besides arming yourself with some much needed comic relief (enter MTM stage left) there are a couple of things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms and still manage to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

  • Exercise: Studies show exercise helps women deal with menopausal symptoms.
  • In Rage is not In Vogue: Meditate. Take 15 minutes to relax and unwind; keeping your stress level down will help you to better tolerate your symptoms.
  • Talk to your partner: Let your partner know what you are going through. Regular sex helps reduce stress, and a feeling of serenity is something you need now more than ever. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, try coupling a lubricant with an arousal oil like Zestra.
Photo: Google MTM

Photo: Google MTM

We want you to laugh about the change! So this summer, we’re offering two (2) FREE tickets to Menopause The Musical®. If the show is playing in your area (sorry, travel expenses are not included) enter to win by emailing share [at] getzestra [dot] com with your funniest or most embarrassing story about menopause. Submissions are due by Monday, 9/6/2010 and the winner will be announced Tuesday, 9/7/2010 right here on our blog (with your first name and last name initial, of course). The runner-up for best story will receive a complimentary Zestra “Smitten” pack. No purchase necessary to participate, only one entry valid per participant.

And, if you want to inspire a few LOL’s too, feel free to share your story in the comment section below, or tell us via our Facebook page. We’re all ears for the good, the bad, and the sweaty.

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