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Shhhh! Common Unspoken Menopause Symptoms


Posted 12:00 pm, November 5th, 2011

by Zestra News

Embarrased Talking About Menopause?Menopause. It’s a term most women associate with hot flashes and mood swings. However, there are two prevalent menopausal symptoms that are rarely talked about – vaginal dryness and pain. Since these symptoms are rarely if ever discussed, women often feel alone, isolated and are unaware of solutions. In reality, vaginal health issues are very common; about 50% of women suffer from vaginal symptoms during menopause.

Not only are these symptoms common, but so is the “Grin and Bear it” mentality that most menopausal women have toward sex. In a recent study, 93% of women who report painful intercourse stated that they are still engaging in sexual activity. In an effort to change the conversation, Kelley Connors, host of Real Women on Health Radio, interviewed Dr. Michael Krychman, MD, Board-Certified Ob-Gyn. The two discussed the many options available to help mature women enjoy healthy, satisfying sexual relationships as well as the need to break down cultural taboos around female sexuality that keep women from addressing their discomfort. Interested? Listen below.

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