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The Zestra Rush Sparks Conversation at Women, Wine and Power Event


Posted 11:34 am, March 23rd, 2010

by Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary W. Jaensch

What’s a 20-30-40-50-60 something Manhattan resident to do on Thursday night? Attend a “Women, Wine and Power” event, equipped with some of the city’s finest organic wine and a conversation à la Sex in the City.

I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Trish Rubin to be on the “Women, Wine and Power” panel, along with Alice Feiring, author  of “The Battle for Wine and Love” and Tamsen Fadal, noted relationship expert and accomplished newscaster for WPIX-NYC. After some delicious appetizers and a few cocktails at the gorgeous Tela Design Studio by Philip Pelusi Salon in NYC’s super chic meatpacking district, the three of us sat down to share our views on sexual satisfaction, the art of seduction and some age old questions about the differences between men and women.

Tamsen Fadal, Alice Feiring and I share insights about life, sex, wine, and love.

Tamsen Fadal, Alice Feiring and I share insights about life, sex, wine, and love.

Jennifer Danilchick, Tela Studio Director, moderated our panel and played to the energized crowd. After Jennifer asked us to talk about life, sex, wine, love and everything in between, we opened the floor up for questions. Zestra, of course was a big hit, with many soiree attendees asking how you use Zestra and how long it lasts (up to 45 minutes). That question always makes me laugh.  When I say 45 minutes, women (and men) either say, “Only 45 minutes?”  or “What am I going to do for the other 43 minutes?”  Okay ladies, Zestra can give you the tools – some of the answers you will need to figure out on your own.

All kidding aside, the best part of the event was giving women the opportunity to talk about sex, passion (for wine, relationships or sexual satisfaction) and their feelings toward these topics in comfortable setting; it’s what Zestra is all about. Some women commented on the importance of owning your own sexuality while others discussed with dismay the overwhelming ratio of females to males in the city (it’s not good). All in all, it was a fun way to get women talking about sex – something that often doesn’t come up naturally for women.  And some of the guests, taught us a thing or two as well. So, if you are in the New York area and would enjoy some good laughs, good fun and helpful hints, please email us at share @ so we can invite you to some of our upcoming events. We also welcome members of the press.

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