Warm & Tingly, Oh My!

Posted 3:47 pm, February 1st, 2010 by Karen

From Tracey, a More Women reviewer comes this Zestra Product Review: http://catootesreviews.blogspot.com/2010/01/warm-tingly-oh-my.html 

Breaking out of my comfort, and embarrassed, zones, I decided to throw my name in the bucket for a chance to review the Zestra Essential Arousal Oils for More Women Product Reviews. When Grace sent me an email letting me I was selected as a reviewer, I recall sitting back in my chair, giggling somewhat nervously as I anticipated writing about the experience. It only took me until I was in my late 30′s to discover the joys and pleasures of of sex toys.

I told my man we had something fun coming in the mail and he sighed resignedly, asked that I only write about the good stuff, and then expressed his mild concern about how the packaging would look when it was delivered. Was the mailwoman going to know we’re getting sex aids delivered, he asked? My guy? He’s a little conservative and prefers our bedroom antics remain private, and I try to respect that wish.

The Zestra folks were discreet, I’ll give them that. The plain brown mailer showed no indication of the steamy possibilities inside, just a nice return address with the manufacturer’s name.

One of the side affects from the early menopause that descended when I was 37, (yes 37, how’s that for a kick in the sexual behind?) is the noticeable lack of libido. Or to be more precise, a wildly fluctuating libido that flips into sexual hyperactivity for a brief time then vanishes like it never existed for longer periods of time. It’s my very own Jekyll & Hyde or some weird sexual version of Schrödinger’s cat, minus the radiation. There is also vaginal dryness that takes some time to overcome and really get me in the mood and can be somewhat discomforting. I don’t take hormonal supplements or use estrogen, natural or otherwise. So my husband and I find various ways to keep that fire freshly burning.

And now we can add Zestra Essential Arousal Oils to our palette.

I decided to try it solo first, a test drive so to speak. Some products my husband and I have tried caused irritation for either or both of us, so I went with the smaller application, using ½ the supplied foil packet. It wasn’t long, maybe 1 minutes, before I felt the warm tingling sensation mentioned as the Zestra Rush. And it was a rush! A warm, zippy feeling that spread and spread. Partnered with other stimulation the combination brought on another rush all it’s own! I didn’t time how long the effect of the Zestra Arousal Essential Oil lasted, as I was busy enjoying a couple of orgasms, but I don’t think it was as long as the 45 minutes, but I used ½ the packet, which may cut down on it’s effective time.

No one wants the full-on details, so I’ll sum up that Zestra Arousal Essential Oil really does work. It helped increase my sexual excitement, brought about more pleasureable sesnation and just made all my womanly parts tingly and happy. The increased arousal seemed to reduce the time it usually takes to overcome the slow libido effect of menopause. That right there would be a major selling point for me. I still experience those jump his bones urges, but it takes longer to get the body behind the emotional and mental parts of sex and that can sometimes be a huge downer.

I liked that the oil was slightly thicker than other lubricants and didn’t leave a slick slimy coating. The oils warmed and spread easily but not heavy, if that makes any sense to anyone besides myself. It was more like the gliding effect of naturally stimulated lubrication. The aroma was pleasant, not overpowering with added perfumes, just a light scent from the essential oils. I love that it is imade of natural ingredients and not a mouthful of multisylabic pharmaceutical terms. And it cleans up easily.

I’m sure every woman’s experience with Zestra Arousal Essential Oil will be a little different, but I’m thrilled that the oil brought on those warm happy tingles and plan on incorporating it into our bedside toybox!
In addition to contemplating my solo test driving of Zestra, you will be pleased to note:
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Check out the Zestra website.

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Karen Swanson is VP Direct Marketing at Semprae Laboratories, Inc.


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