Hot Flashes due to Menopause. Common Symptoms.

Hot Flashes due to Menopause. Common Symptoms.

What are Hot Flashes?
Hot Flashes/Flushes associated with menopause are sudden, transient sensations of warmth to intense heat that a woman feels all over her body, including her head.
These sensations can trigger both physiologic and emotional responses like: flushing, perspiration, palpitations, anxiety, embarrassment, irritation and disruption of activities especially sleep. Hot flashes may also be associated with a chilling feeling.

How often do Hot Flashes occur?
The frequency of hot flashes may not necessarily relate to their severity. Some women have many hot flashes throughout the day and are not bothered by them, while others may have relatively few that are intensely bothersome and annoying.
It has been estimated that 10-15% of women have frequent debilitating hot flashes lasting 1-5 minutes.
The highest frequency of hot flashes are usually within the first 2 years of menopause but then decline thereafter. Unfortunately, some women will continue to have hot flashes for up to 10 years. 

What causes Hot Flashes?
Surgical menopause (removal of ovaries causing a loss of estrogen) may cause severe hot flashes. Going through menopause naturally may be associated with less severe hot flashes. The frequency of hot flashes coupled with your personal experience should be assessed and evaluated to determine the most effective treatments available to you.
Hormones, especially estrogen (and the addition of a progesterone if you have a uterus) can help decrease hot flash intensity and frequency. 

Other symptoms you should be aware of
Many women aren’t aware of the wide variety of symptoms of menopause. These can include: skin changes, trouble with memory, fatigue and urinary incontinence. But the symptom that surprises most women is loss of libido.
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Treating Hot Flashes due to Menopause
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